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Frequent questions

The price covers two adults for the total of nights.

Do you include plane tickets?

The rate does not include airline tickets, but the Travel Butler department can gladly help you find the best deal for Airline Tickets.

- You can pay by credit card Visa MC on our portal through Pay Pal or directly by phone with one of our verifiers.

- Bank Transfer

It is an offer from Fly & Buy, that means that all the clients that cover a particular profile like age, marital status, occupation among others receive a subsidies rate on behalf the vacations club.

It means that part of the price of the package is paid by the vacation club, in exchange for you take your sales presentation. For example, four nights in hotel "X" usually costs with travel agencies $ 1635.27 USD, with the subsidy, qualified customers only pay $ 381.56 USD and the remaining $ 1253.71 USD paid by the Holiday Club.

No, without cover and profile the subsidy cannot be applied. However, you can check with the agency if your profile applies for a lower subsidy.

All agencies that are constituted legally have different types of certifications, among them are the following:
• Must be regulated and registered with SECTUR
• Registration at BBB
• Your page must have security locks.
• Check your 01800 as well as the address on your page.
• Privacy policies.
• Ask about purchase procedures: You must always specify the terms and conditions of the promotion you are acquiring, they must also give you a proof of your purchase (Letter of bank authorization specifying the amount of the transaction, and the company).
• Review the comments on your social networks.
Other than the requirements of age, marital status, and occupation, is there any other requirement that you have to meet to access the grant?
You must have at least two credit cards, which you must present at the time of check-in at the hotel. You should also agree to take a Holiday Club presentation with a duration of 90 to 120 minutes.

No way! The only thing is request is to attend 90 to 120 minutes of your time, with an open mind and gives us the real opportunity to present the benefits that the membership has for you and your family.
If at the end of this time you decide that it is not an offer for you, nothing happens, at the end what we want is that you return as guests and that you recommend us to your family and friends.

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